Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've made some progress on the Olympic Sweater. It's about the length of my Mac Mighty Mouse.

Needles: Knit Picks Zepher Acrylic Size US 7
Yarn: Briggs and Little Regal Color Brown Heather
Cast on 180 stitches knit 6 bumps of garter stitch - joined in round increased to 200 stitches stockinette.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Have Yarn, Have needles, Have pattern, Have desire.

When will the fire come? Awesome opening ceremonies, I am enjoying them with bated breath. 180 stitches waiting to be cast on when that torch is freshly ablaze!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Olympics

The Yarn Harlot announced Knitting Olympics. I will be signing up officially and tracking progress here (prolly crappy mac pics because this is about quantity of knitting time, not quality of blog).

I hope is that this will be an exercise in not only knitting a sweater, but as seeing this blog as what it is: a place for me to document stuff I do for my own future reference.

I'm going to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's Seamless Yoke Sweater following the instructions on the Knitting Workshop DVD my parents got me for Christmas.

The yarn is Briggs and Little "Regal" in a lovely heather brown. The color looks like bright red, magenta, and blue streaks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New, but kinda lame

So, I do have new knitting -- but don't have pictures. That is the lame part.

New: Paul and I spent a really fun valentines day with a couple friend of ours. A highschool friend of his, along with his fiance, went to the Mall Of America and mini golfed (planned to ride some rides at the amusement park, but the crowds were horrendus). While we were there I saw, then remembered, that there was a knitting/crocheting event going on Knit Out Crochet Too '09 . It was kinda cool to see some fiber going on at MOA (I was there forCrazy Aunt Purl...but I digress).

Some other new: I am going to school at Dakota County Technical College, DCTC, for Graphic Design. It is so fun! I have a photography course, a color theory course, and an intro to the program course. Right now I am really digging the painting and photo developing experiences. I go three times a week and have a 45 minute (each way) commute, which is awesome in our new car! (that doesn't want to be linked to right now, 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Done, Done, and Still So Much to Do!

It's Official! (not according to any government agency yet... but that will come soon enough) I AM EMILY TRANDEM!!

The wedding was FANTASTIC couldn't have gone better (aside from not getting a chance to talk with practically anyone - seems to be a normal complaint from newlyweds though) The weather was sunny, the ceremony was quick and fun, the view from our hotel room was spectacular!

Toronto was AMAZING the city is so alive and clean and surprisingly easy to navigate. We lived it up - really tasty dinners every night, took Lincoln and Cadillac car services to and from the airport and the concert Friday night which was by the airport. Went on a day trip to Niagra falls (it's a little like High School -- everyone should do it at least once) and were cold and wet. We saw some local music at a hole in the wall bar (Paul played - that was cool to see). We saw some non-local music when we went to the Rock Band II concert and saw Panic! at the Disco and Dashboard Confessional (sadly, we got there late and missed Plain White T's and the Cab). It was a pretty fun time.

Our wedding photos are up on the AWESOME photographer's blog I won't post the direct-to-us link here, because I think all her work is beautiful and worth seeing -- but if you don't want to wade through a bunch of people you don't know -- she has a search bar near the top of the page. The engagement photos are there too -- as well as pictures of my new Brother and Sister in law (Jon and Jenna).

Now all that is left is cleaning the wedding vomit (figurative, of course -- but just as overwhelming) out of the house and garage, changing my last name officially, staging this house and picking out a new one and moving ---- any volunteers ;)

Knitting content will commence when knitting happens.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Just booked our honeymoon trip to Toronto! It will not only be our first trip as a married pair, but our first vacation together :D

We are very jump up and down excited!

Friday, August 8, 2008

distract yourself

I just found a new distraction...

Totally Looks Like dot Com

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