Sunday, March 16, 2008

Betsy Ross, I Presume...

Pattern: Lilly Hat by Larissa Brown (link to the pattern on Ravelry - if you haven't been Ravelled this is the place you can see it)

Made for an expected Niece (Fiance's sister is pregnant, not mine). Due April 9th. The pattern was well written, went fast and looks pretty darned cute. I fought the yarn (Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton) most of the way, so the gauge is a little inconsistant. It fits the dog if nothing else :P

Why yes, those are new floors...

I call this one "The Purple Crown affair" it is a play on the intended name of an expected girl, due on April 9th. When I marry her uncle in October, she will officially be my niece.

The pattern is the "Sunny Side Up Hoodie" from a Michaels pull off pamphlet in the yarn section. The pattern can be found , with some signing up, here (I didn't sign up, so don't know how much they spam). If you are really interested in the pattern, I googled it and found it all written out without having to sign up at Lions Brand.

This is my first sweater and it was easy - the pattern is written well, but I ended up ripping back a few times because I wasn’t measuring correctly (I wondered if at all once I laid out what I had done :P )I didn’t use the suggested yarn for this pattern because it contains Acrylic and I would rather use natural fibers for baby clothes.

I didn’t make the hood
added a stripe and some embroidery with Lily Sugar’n Cream.


—-still needs buttons