Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I started knitting, I bought my yarn at Michael's and Wal-mart. I knew that I didn't like the way most of the yarn felt - I just didn't realize yet why it stuck to my needles (does anyone else often mis-type that as kneedles?) and squeaked as it was worked.

Then I started listening to Lime and Violet. I delighted in their Squeeing, yarn porn, and exuberant enthusiasm for all things fibery and...natural.

I promptly went to buy some 100% wool yarn, it was scratchier at first than the Caron Simply Soft acrylic I had been using. After a few rounds with it my fingers were calmed, my hands felt refreshed and soft, and I was grateful to have found wool before I could even purl.

I have learned much from the online knitting community. My favorites include but aren't limited to: Brenda Dayne (Cast-on, Fling); Lime and Violet; Franklin Habit (The Panopticon); Wendy (Wendy Knits); knittinghelp.com ; and the countless rabbit holes I have fallen into, always cleverly disguised as links to their inspiration.

So I would like to say Thank you to all the above as well as those I will never remember the names of because of fevered linking and following.

I really do knit and promise pictures soon.

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