Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank you :)

When I went to see Crazy Aunt Purl (CAP) last month I sat by a lovely lady who told me about her new sock knitting machine, showed me how to tat (it was really amazing and completely different than what I had imagined:

She also told me about a Yarn Shop in Circle Pines, MN Double Ewe . She had been asked to write an article for the shop's newsletter and said she thought she would write about going to see CAP. I never caught her name.

Today I was ravelring (if one can "be googling" certainly, we can be ravelring) and I found the group for the DoubleEwe, went to check out the shop owner's blog and found a link to the newsletter, where I read the article by the Lovely Lady (Ann).

So thank you, Ann, for the company and the publicity. Hope you are enjoying crankin out the socks on your new machine.

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  1. Hey there! How about anoter update for all to see? :) I just got a package in the mail from your parents for Ryker. SO SWEET!!! Hope all is well with you and your family! How's your sister, and what is she up to? Take care!