Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why yes, those are new floors...

I call this one "The Purple Crown affair" it is a play on the intended name of an expected girl, due on April 9th. When I marry her uncle in October, she will officially be my niece.

The pattern is the "Sunny Side Up Hoodie" from a Michaels pull off pamphlet in the yarn section. The pattern can be found , with some signing up, here (I didn't sign up, so don't know how much they spam). If you are really interested in the pattern, I googled it and found it all written out without having to sign up at Lions Brand.

This is my first sweater and it was easy - the pattern is written well, but I ended up ripping back a few times because I wasn’t measuring correctly (I wondered if at all once I laid out what I had done :P )I didn’t use the suggested yarn for this pattern because it contains Acrylic and I would rather use natural fibers for baby clothes.

I didn’t make the hood
added a stripe and some embroidery with Lily Sugar’n Cream.


—-still needs buttons

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