Monday, August 20, 2007

In which I show off some priceless art

Rarely does a completed project look how I believed it might in concept. This purse for Kim is no deviation. I haven't taken time yet to learn how to read patterns, although I look at a lot of them, so I have just been casting on and refining my technique. Again, this purse is no different. I am pleased so far with the results and will be proud to give it to my tie-dyed friend soon.

As I held the full skeins of bright fuzziness, I thought they were whispering "Messenger bag, rectangular messenger bag." Apparently, there was a shift in the Yarniverse, resulting in something other than a rectangular messenger bag when all was bound off and stiched together.

This is what I thought it might look like (I know, I have awesome Paint skills).

To Be Continued...

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