Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thanks Mom and Dad!

I recently earned a promotion at work. Spiffy new title, nice chunk-a-raise, and best of all - pride and ownership of my work. Just as I was going to HR to sign the paperwork and make it all official - I was paged. This being my first time paged at this company, I wasn't sure what to expect. The conversation went like this:

Receptionist: Hello
Me: Hi, this is Emily, I was paged
Receptionist: Oh Hi! You have a delivery

Me: Um.....I didn't order anything
Receptionist: The post office dropped it off, and it has your name on it - It's ok, it isn't a bomb or anything. (I found this a little odd, thinking 'how does she know it isn't a bomb, did she send it?')

Me: Ok, uh...I'll be there in a minute

Receptionist: See you then!

I went to the front desk and said who I was. She got this silly, happy little grin on her face and handed me these:

Then she giggled "Hope I didn't scare you, I don't like telling people they have is much more fun to see their faces. Congratulations!"

The card said "Emily, Congrats on the promotion! We're so proud of you. Love you muchly, Mom and Dad"

With some advice from my favorite photography hobbiest, I had a little Photoshoot with the adorable flowers. They were a patient subject and I am proud of the results.

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