Monday, September 24, 2007


KnittingStar will be undergoing some cosmetic changes. Paul has been designing me some really cool vector graphics.

In other news... the camera batteries are charging and there will be much prettiness to view soon. I have been knitting a lot. There will be updates on Kim's purse (yes Mom, it actually resembles a purse now); a first view of a 2x2 ribbed scarf I am making for Paul; and a peek at my first sock (no idea how I am going to turn the heel or do any of that fancy jazz...but in the words of Stephanie Pearl McPhee "I can do that -- it's only knitting") plus, I have read enough about knitting socks that I can totally figure it out.

Next step - getting gauge on something. Gauge is an animal that is an important part of the knitting world and since I have yet to follow a pattern, I haven't had to make gauge to turn out some pretty cool and functional pieces. Oh darn, I might need more needles...

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  1. I myself find gauge to be an elusive thing, but in a different way... it seems like my gauge swatches always turn into scarves!!

    I love that picture of you on the top right of the page, cute!