Friday, June 13, 2008

Real Amazing Stuff

You read correctly! RAS! You've no doubt heard of RAS - perhaps you believed up to now that that combination of letters was only the beginning to words like: raspberry, rasta, rash, rase, rashers, and about 10 others. Real Amazing Stuff is in fact a phenomenon discovered by the egoist Randall Ashbury Shereton (ironically, not an heir to the hotel family) who would have been called Rand by his friends if he'd had any. Randall, who preferred (post discovery of RAS) to call himself RAS was born in a small, Kentucky mining town to illiterate Pacific islander immigrants.

RAS's parents only spoke a rare dialect of PacIslandish understood by 50 people, none of whom lived in Kentucky. RAS's childhood was a quiet one, mostly due to his absolute denial to learn PacIslandish and the only English he heard was Kentucky dialect which nobody outside Kentucky can understand anyway. Randall made up his own language, you guessed it - Organtish. He scribed and spoke Organtish so well that he received multiple awards in literacy and elocution from the Official Organtish Office headquartered in Randal Ashbury Shereton's bedroom.

His story goes on from there through childhood and awkward teenage years when Randall finally learned English and got a big head from braging so much about Organtish. In his third semester of junior college, Randal met a girl on the internet and fell in love - her name was Rashida Ashley Sleep-Inn (also, ironically not an heir to the hotel line). Randall thought this was all amazing stuff, and it was real so he coined the phrase Real Amazing Stuff.

His thrill lasted for 6 months at which time he remembered that he had created Rahsida Ashley Sleep-Inn on a discussion board about creating your dream girl. Nobody has seen or heard from Randall (or Rashida for that matter), but his discovery of RAS is still celebrated.

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